The Solution

fragments of oz / 12,021 HE

NFT is solar energy (partially stored in fossils) multiplied by 12,000 years of culture-development. Finally, we are able to exchange JPEGs with each other, and prove ownership without any intermediary.

Edition 1 of 1

Single NFT will be minted. Platform undefined.


Codec ID/Info   : Advanced Coding
Duration        : 15 s 0 ms
Bit rate        : 65.5 Mb/s
Width           : 1 728 pixels
Height          : 2 160 pixels
Aspect ratio    : 0.800
Frame rate mode : Constant
Frame rate      : 24.000 FPS



This work won't be existing without @stellabelle. The exhibition at her museum in Cryptovoxels triggered thought-flow on the topic.

Wave hit my family in 12,009 HE on the other part of the globe. Without any understanding of the causes, we lost everything.

And, as many of the families, still have not recovered in 12,021 HE.

Use WASD + mouse to navigate

Making-of video




  • Video (options for quality/size)

  • GIF animations

  • Still images

  • Wallpapers (up to 4k)

  • Making-of videos

Files available to anyone​.

Anyway, it can be grabbed, screenshotted, leaked, copied, etc. Let's not pretend we able to prevent media sharing (* ̄3 ̄)╭

Houdini Indie, used as main 3d software


Thanks to all developers

Used software