​Headphones advertising

​3d animated ad, featuring Unique Selling Points for the in-ear headphones to support marketing campaign

Playing with low-key lighting is always joy. Wrapping your subject with light feels like carving it out of darkness, with light-sources as your tools.

Redshift Renderer is best for this task — for virtual studio setting. RS allows you to paint with light without bothering you with pretentious physical correctness. It gives you all the necessary tools to construct your frame with thought about silhouettes, gradients, form, space, rhythm, etc.

This is where digital component of 3d product visualization became advantages. You can guide attention with light and camera to most sexy parts the product. Traditional production is also uses all sorts of tricks but they still limited by laws of nature, and what is easy for still images can became very hard for the video.

Imagine just turning off visibility of a light source. This is apparent for CG people but light-source in the frame is a huge pain in the ass for the traditional production, and sometimes it's the only way to get lighting right on the subject. In this case it goes to post production professionals, which better to avoid for several reasons (lots of reasons, but they all ended up in the time-money relationship).

Let alone Redshift integration into Houdini — completely integrated. Never thought about that until tried to use an Octane, which I absolutely love for some other cases. But it's integration into Houdini not even close to Redshift. This is valid for the end of 2020, hope not too very long after that.

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